Andrew Gray (shimgray) wrote,
Andrew Gray

On a lighter note...

...linkspam time again!

US politics, the best and cheapest soap opera around right now:

The Chicago Tribune offers Sarah Palin or Tina Fey? A surprisingly tricky quiz. Speaking of the Tribune, it has now endorsed the Democratic candidate for the first time since 1872 (or possibly 1847, depending on how you count). And speaking of endorsements, here's a weighted map of them.

Conrad Black, of all people, says the US needs a great big socialist job-creation program.

And this is how the fundamentalists expect the next four years to go. To balance it, have a delightful story about early voting in Indiana.

Not US politics:

Two possibly-extinct species have been rediscovered: Gallicolumba hoedtii, Muntiacus montanus.

Tetris brownies.

It is surprisingly hard to tell the difference between an authentic popular evolutionary psychology article and a fake one.

Liechtenstein's internal geography is really, really weird.

San Francisco invents an entirely new ranking system for its marathon.

Bicycle camera mounts. I need to make one of these.

Finally, Tom Paxton is performing in the UK in February. Anyone interested? (On which note, I see he has resurrected an old standard - I Am Changing My Name To Fannie May...)
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